1 hour – £45
Method: Phone or Zoom – identify which you would like at Checkout.
Choice: At Checkout you are able to choose any of the decks featured on this website for your reading.

Booking: Tarot / Oracle Card Reading.

Authors – Jamie Sams and David Carson
Illustrator – Angela Werneke

The Medicine cards deal specifically with the animals and other creatures that inhabit the earth alongside us. We have so much to learn from them – from the Mountain Lion, Dog, Wolf, Spider, Snake – right down to the humble Ant. If we use the qualities that are individual to each animal, we can help ourselves at all times in our lives, dealing with each situation with more wisdom and clarity. It is about learning to respect all forms of life and not just the human side of it. We are all interlinked and can gain great help and knowledge from observing nature and learning from it.

Each one of us has animals that are particularly important to us in our journey through this lifetime. They might be animals we have a particular affinity for, or ones that we dream about. If they keep coming to us in dreams, we should read about them and find out the lesson they are trying to teach us. If there is an animal that frightens us, I have found that by reading about it and studying it the fear dilutes – the unknown has more power to frighten us than something that we are familiar with.

1. Would you like information about your pathway in life?
2. Do you feel that it’s time to reflect on your personality to see what else you need to learn at this current time?
3. Do you wish to uncover your own subconscious to discover what motivates and what hinders you?
4. Maybe there is a specific project that you are involved in which needs some light shed on it.

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In the event that you wish to cancel your reading, I will issue you a full refund if you let me know at least an hour beforehand. If you are running late, I can postpone your reading for 15 minutes. I can’t guarantee longer than that as another client might be booked in after you. No refund will be issued if you are a no show or give me less than an hour’s notice.

If you know well in advance that your reading date is no longer suitable, could you please let me know as soon as possible so that I can make your time slot available for someone else. Thank you very much.