New Zealand

Sue helped me better understand my troubled students. I’m a teacher, and I had three students I was really worried about. A girl committed suicide at school the previous year, two of these students had been her friend and I knew they were having a hard time, but I didn’t know what to do for them. Sue’s advice gave me insight into their state of mind – was their depression truly dangerous or just a sadness they had to work through? Sue’s handwriting analysis pointed out that one of the students was profoundly angry, not at the suicide but at other issues, unrelated. This insight allowed me to see the right approach to take to assist these young people to counselling.”

Sue’s advice also cleared a cloud of uncertainty for me. I have a successful career but I was not happy, I needed to change my life direction. I saw several possible future careers but I could not work out which path to follow. Sue’s calm insight, hit the mark – I could feel the personal truth as she suggested a balanced use of my talents. That was truly me. My career took off, but more important, I’m happy. Sue – thank you, you made all the difference.”