I’ve known Sue for over two years now and I firmly believe that she was sent to me by the God to help me out when I was in the gutter – spiritually, morally, recently divorced, betrayed by friends and without a job for a good year I hit the rock bottom, was depressed with no self esteem and almost no desire to live.

And then I was introduced to this incredibly talented lady Sue Ellam, a clairvoyant, a tarot reader, a power house full of unique energy an incredible mixture of vision and logic, a destiny reader who still manages to maintain a very positive and uplifting outlook on life in spite of our lives numerous trials and tribulations.

As I said before, she is gift from God to me and I am not saying it lightly because she helped me to come out of the darkest period in my life, and come out a happy person!

I could not have wished for a better psycho-analyst she does not just analyse your current life and your current problems she is blessed with the gift to see your past lives and to explain the reason for so many problems or events on that basis (this includes the phobias).

Very pleasant to be with and talk to, very well spoken and intelligent, both strong and soft-hearted she is always there for me, or for all of us humans, when we are lost and in need of help.