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I am fascinated when Sue gives me a card reading – not because I enjoy listening about my life, but simply I receive the information, that helps me to understand my position in life.

Sue does it very well by bringing into the process the elements/the details that shape the picture of my life, helps stay connected with the development process.

It is not simply a Question/Answer exercise – it is a journey, where you begin to recognise how you/yourself effect your life and what’s more important – understand that what you want and what you need to grow as a person are often not the same.

The ‘card reading’ can help you to get on the journey, where you can understand what’s happening in your life, why this happening and where you belong …

I’ve had numerous readings from Sue and will continue on this journey, as I found the mirror that reflects the value of every decision I make in my life.
Truly, a unique insight into your life and what your life can become …