The World is being ripped apart by popular opinion. Families, friends and neighbours are divided according to which opinion they have allied themselves to. Each person truly believes that their own opinion is the truth, according to the information they have personally been exposed to, and many are intolerant to the differing opinions of others. Opinions don’t necessarily equate to truth, however passionately attached we are to them, they are ultimately just opinions. Many of us are completely lost as to what to believe any more.

I have been intuitively guided to use my cards and pendulum to look at the energy behind each of the subjects that divide us and prevent us from achieving peace and unity. I am asking my Guides to assist me in getting a glimpse into the origins of each of these contentious subjects – many of which precede any of our lifetimes – and to shine a light on the intention behind them and their impact on our lives today.

There is no intention to cast blame, or create further division. This is not about making people right or wrong, but purely a deep dive into why these opinions surfaced in the first place – were they to free us or enslave us and where do we go from here?

I have a long list of subjects that I want to explore, and welcome suggestions as I’m sure I haven’t thought of everything. This is going to be quite a voyage of discovery for me personally as I travel the road of exploring popular opinion, whilst leaving my own opinions at the door.

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