When I bought my first deck of tarot cards 26 years ago, little did I anticipate the journey they have taken me on. They provided me a living in Portugal and, on the festival circuit, enabled me to travel around Australia, New Zealand, the Channel Islands and the UK. I have welcomed clients into my home and some have returned many times and become friends. I have been honoured and humbled by the thousands of people who have allowed me into their lives and trusted me with their most heartfelt secrets.

I only bought the cards on the recommendation of a friend and, if I’m to be honest, was extremely skeptical. In hindsight, that is surprising as I was very familiar with the world of the spiritual and had trained as a spiritualist medium some years earlier which, at the time, was very ‘out there’ to a lot of people. It has definitely gained more acceptance as the years have gone by.

However, on starting to work with the cards I immediately felt as though I had come home. I looked at the spreads and they told me a story and from then on I was hooked. From the very beginning the cards worked for me as a self-development tool.  The advice they have given my clients has shone a light on how they can help themselves to reach their desired outcome, or has given them options when they don’t have a clear outcome in mind.  The ultimate message is that no one is a victim and we can all take control of our circumstances in some form or another.

As a reader, I am drawn to cards which highlight nature and indigenous cultures.  These tend to have gentle but powerful messages.  You have the option to choose with which deck you would like to have a reading.

I look forward to reading for some of you in the times to come.

Wishing you all health and happiness.


The cards I use for my readings

Sacred Path Cards

Mythic Tarot

Medicine Cards

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