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Booking: Tarot / Oracle Card Reading.

Author – Jamie Sams
Illustrator – Linda Childers

I love the wisdom found in the Sacred Path cards which are based on Native American sacred teachings and capture the strength and beauty of tribal traditions plus offering a tool for self-discovery, awareness and positive change.

Many of us are caught up in a very fast moving life which is largely unrelated to nature. Long gone are the times when people would look to nature to determine what we did and when. For instance, we can read at any time of the day and night thanks to electricity, instead of having to rely on the daylight hours. Progress is a wonderful thing unless we lose sight of where we come from, and then nature can get abused and we find we are fighting with it instead of working with it – and we all know what trouble that can lead us all into.

The purpose of these cards is to guide us through the trials and tribulations of life – letting us know when it’s time to move and when it’s best to hold back, amongst many other things. They deal with a deeper spiritual guidance that helps support us in our earthly journey. If we can find the root of the problems we get ourselves into, it can mean that we no longer have to learn that lesson again. We are all mirrors and attract what we give out – no-one else is to blame for our misfortunes. For instance, if we have a day when we are particularly angry about something, we find that we seem to attract situations and people which fuel that anger.

We are where we are by the choices we make, and these cards are one way of helping us to see our way out of the troubles our choices have got us into. They help us to see the patterns we create for ourselves, how to break the habits and make better choices.

Whether you are trying to find balance in your life, or have a specific problem that you need help in resolving, there is enlightenment within these cards.

  1. Do you have a particular problem that you need advice in resolving?
  2. Are you feeling out of balance and in need of some guidance?
  3. Would you like to know what life lessons you have created and how you are handling them?
  4. Are you feeling beset by confusion and worry and out of step with life in general?
  5. Have you already come a long way on your spiritual journey and are ready to tackle and conquer any limitations you are still dealing with?

If you are interested in a reading with these cards, please click the link at the top of this page.  If you are just browsing, I thank you for your visit to my website and wish you all the very best on your own particular journey.


In the event that you wish to cancel your reading, I will issue you a full refund if you let me know at least an hour beforehand. If you are running late, I can postpone your reading for 15 minutes. I can’t guarantee longer than that as another client might be booked in after you. No refund will be issued if you are a no show or give me less than an hour’s notice.

If you know well in advance that your reading date is no longer suitable, could you please let me know as soon as possible so that I can make your time slot available for someone else. Thank you very much.