Having crossed Sue and her spiritual path many years ago, she has taught me of the Earth’s Spiritual journey, which gave me the gift of looking at how Powerful I am, respecting my feelings and getting very clear about what I need and am feeling in the moment. This Journey has been about healing and clarity. Sue has helped me touch into my own strength and courage. Along the Earth Spirit Journey Sue aided me by teaching me on how to provide a safe space and time to look at myself with a great reminder that I can do anything I really want to do.

Sue has helped me push the limits of my own boundaries and become more open and receptive to other and new experiences.

One important step I encountered during the Earth Spirit Journey, which Sue taught me, helped me by jolting my priorities like taking care of my body, by not smoking and not denying what I really feel.

Having gained all this experience with Sue’s assistance, I could have not met a more loving person whom for me was well structured and balanced along with a subtle and more focused approach on life.

Sue, I am sure pleased spirit guided me towards you. Thank you for your love and support.